2014 Pinot Noir

Jane's Vineyard
Russian River Valley -

VineyardThe vines at Jane’s Vineyard generally show moderate vigor caused mainly by well drained, nutrient poor soils, true to the gravelly nature of Huichica loam. The soil is shallow, with a hardpan at a low depth, which led us to plant on 101-14 rootstock with its shallower rooting angle to match the soil profile. The vines get water stressed because of the drainage and lack of root depth, so we watch them closely during the warmer months, as Pinot will not tolerate too much dryness. The vine rows are northeast-southwest, so the fruit is shaded during the hottest part of the day which preserves the acid, color and delicate fl avors of Pinot Noir.
The HarvestA mild, dry winter followed by a replenishing amount of rain in February and early March of 2014 encouraged the vine buds to push a little earlier than normal. The spring was warm, dry and frost free, thankfully, as the yields were already a little lower than average. Overcast days became the norm in late July and August, helping to preserve the natural acidity. We picked the Jane’s Vineyard Pinot Noir Clone 114 on September 6, at a surprisingly higher brix than expected. For years the clone 114 has been a dark horse, favored yet never chosen until this vintage, when it became one of only two lots picked out of 24 diff erent small lot Pinots from Jane’s Vineyard to go to bottle separately.
StyleThe Dijon Clone 114 impressed us with its delicious dark fruit, loamy earth and balanced acidity. We use this clone as part of the blend for our Jane’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, but also decided to keep a small production on the side for those who enjoy classic Russian River Pinot Noir at its best. Winemaking with a light hand, and timely and deliberate choices allow us to craft the wine in a style that compliments what the vineyard and vintage give us. We ferment our wines with native yeasts, which come in on the grapes from the vineyard. The native yeasts eventually give way to other yeasts that finish the fermentation and give the wine extra complexity. The 2014 Dijon Clone 114 Pinot Noir was aged in French oak, 29% new, from a small variety of coopers.
Taste ProfileThe 2014 Dijon Clone 114 Pinot Noir has a medium-deep red hue with dark cherry, plum, and blackberry aromas. This wine has a beautiful acid balanced mouthfeel with dark fruit and earthy spice. The lush savory minerality on the palate is balanced nicely with a touch of milk chocolate on the finish. Pair this Pinot Noir with roasted root vegetables, grilled salmon or roasted duck with a plum chutney.
Harvest Date
September 6, 2014
Avg. Brix at Harvest
Pinot Noir
Oak Aging
10 months in French oak barrels, 29% new
177 cases
Russian River Valley
0.57 g/100mL
Huichia: shallow, fast draining gravelly loam
Jane's Vineyard,
Greg Morthole
David Ramey (consulting)
Davis Bynum Wineries