Pinot Noir

Jane's Vineyard
Russian River Valley Sonoma County

87.00 1.5L

Taste Profile

The 2013 Jane's Vineyard Pinot Noir has a beautiful ruby red hue with aromas of cherry, cranberry, tea leaves, dusty oak and baking spices. On the palate, the dark cherries, red plums and vanilla characteristics shine through with balance, acidity and a nice lingering finish. Warm, bright and full of flavor, the Jane's Pinot Noir is a wonderful amalgam of fruit, spice and earth. Enjoy this wine with a variety of dishes including truffle mushroom risotto, roasted beetroot vegetables, or roasted pork with herbs and fennel.


The vines at Jane’s Vineyard generally show moderated vigor in their growth habit, mainly due to relatively nutrient poor soil and fairly good drainage from the gravelly loam. The Huichica soil is shallow, with a hardpan at a low depth, so we planted on 101-14 rootstock which has a shallower rooting angle to match the soil profile. Correspondingly, the vines get water stressed, which we watch closely during the warmer months of the summer.


Winemaking is light handed, with timely and deliberate choices made to craft a wine that genuinely reflects the vineyard and vintage. We like our Pinot Noir delicate and graceful, with all elements in balance. We strive for complexity and interest, and above all deliciousness. All of the blocks at Jane’s Vineyard are hand-picked in the early morning hours, de-stemmed to stainless steel tanks for cold soaking, followed by fermentation with native yeasts for extra complexity. The 2013 Jane’s Vineyard Pinot Noir was aged in 100% French oak barrels from the finest coopers, 33% of which were new. Malolactic fermentation ensued in the barrels and was finished by mid-December.

Harvest Date
Aug. 30 - Sept. 15, 2013
Avg. Brix at Harvest
24.9° Brix Brix
Oak Aging
10 months in French oak barrels 33% new
0.59 g/100mL
Shallow, moderately well-draining Huichica loam
The Harvest
The winter was very mild, followed by a relatively dry spring. In 2013, bud break was early and the spring weather was warm overall. Summer was up and down with an odd rainstorm in late June followed by a searing 5-day heat wave entering July. Finally cooler weather prevailed in late July with a heavy marine layer causing a lot of misty mornings. August and September were filled with 80–90°F days accelerating the ripening. The degree days showed the vintage to be among the warmest in many years. We started picking at Jane’s Vineyard by the end of August, and finished by mid-September.
Produced Appellation
Russian River Valley
Jane's Vineyard
Greg Morthole David Ramey (Consulting)
Shallow, moderately well-draining Huichica loam
Oak Aging
10 months in French oak barrels 33% new

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